how it all began
I am a self-taught artist and trained myself how to draw and paint at the age of three; my first drawing was "Elmo" from Sesame Street. 
Later as I got older, I joined various art challenges and started learning the art from seasoned art Masters and courses from well-known art institutions.  (Picture) Yes!, it is me at the age of 3.

Anisa at 3 years old

Kesh Art
Kesh is a visual raconteur, artist. I attended his drawing camp courses and joined the challenges he developed, including the 100 Days Challenge.
Here's how it works; Draw every day for at least 6 mins/day for 100 Days. I joined the sketching challenge twice in 2000 and 2021, totaling 200 days. The challenge teaches you about consistency and growing with each art piece you make.

Keshav Rathnavel


I previously joined the month-long Jake Parker's Inktober Challenge focused on improving skills and developing positive drawing habits. Jake Parker is an American comics short-story producer, concept designer, cartoonist, and animator. As a set stylist for Blue Sky Studios, Jake contributed to the animated films Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic.

Jake Parker

Continuous Line Challenge 
Continuous line drawings provide a unique way to help artists develop hand-eye coordination. Continuous line drawings are made by keeping the pen or pencil in contact with the paper for the exercise duration and matching the speed of looking with the speed of drawing. I created several drawings for the Continuous Line Challenge aka One Line Challenge.

Continuous Line Challenge

I previously joined Ten Hundred Shape Challenge, aka Random Shape Art Challenge, in 2018, where I had to turn an irregular shape into a creation. Peter Robinson of Ten Hundred is an artist from Michigan, who created this challenge. Peter makes sketches, paintings, and does fun art challenges. 
In this challenge, you take random shape forms and begin filling the frames with whatever you can fit into them. There are no set rules to achieving it; take the form and let your creativity take over.

Peter Robinson

Song Binghui
​​​​​​​Song Binghui is a seasoned artist, organizes his own exhibitions in the Asia region with a vast following, who trained me for Oil Painting, Chinese Watercolor, Calligraphy, Still Life Drawing in his studio. He applies diverse art methods to define the continuity of a sketch and the essence of the scenes. His art reveals and combines tradition and contemporary with an entirely different style.

Song Binghui

I practice my Oil Painting techniques by watching Bob Ross' official Youtube channel. Bob Ross, aka Robert Norman Ross, was a well-known oil paint artist who had his own TV show from 1983 - 1994. I decided to recreate The Grandeur of Summer Painting. I will share the progress soon so be on the lookout!

Bob Ross has drawn by Anisa Ozalp

In my much younger days; I always was interested in beautiful design, making handcrafted items with my hands. 

CROCHET: In 2019 I created some dolls, adorable tiny foods, fruits, hats, handbags utilizing crochet. I had an interest in making Mini Amigurumi items and referenced Lauren Espy's works. 
PERLER BEADS: At the age of nine, I started to make Perler Beads. All the designs created were collected online. It helped me to improve my hand-eye coordination and learn color styles.
HANDMADE DOLLS: I handmade dolls in 2015. My first handmade doll was named “Brownie,” made from old clothing and buttons. My latest handmade doll was a crocheted fox called “Foxy.”FELT TOYS: I created Felt Toys in 2016, utilizing felt fabrics, and taught myself how to sew.
RAINBOW LOOM: I also made several Rainbow Loom creations in 2017, referencing Cortney Nicole.
OUTDOOR ART: I ventured out my comfort zone and applied my drawing and painting skills to outdoor items such as a deck to add color and fun, using various Exterior Wood paints. 
MOSAIC ART: In 2021 I experimented with making my own mosaic lamp.

I joined Shih Chien University Continuous Learning Center with Adobe Courses, consist of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and received my Adobe certification. Shih Chien is considered one of the top schools in the field of Art & Design in Taiwan and the world and ranked #7 university ranking by Global Views.

Adobe Company

The Academy of Art University
I am attending PCAE Art Experience at Academy of Art University which is an art and design education program. I completed courses for Summer 2021. My Portfolio at the Academy of Art University can be accessed at this link. The classes I took:

The Academy of Art University

Shih Chien Fashion Course 
I completed Fashion Design Course in 2021 from Shih Chien University. The program develops skills for the fashion design industry. The purpose is to bring students from who have little to no fashion experience to completing a personal collection. They teach everything from basic sewing skills to the applications of industrial knowledge. 
Lessons Completed: Fashion Design, Apparel Construction, Fashion Illustration, Textile Design, and Color. 

Shih Chien University

Adam Kreutinger 

In early 2021, I sparked an interest on how to make a hand puppet. I examined online references, viewed various Youtube videos on the topic, and found Adam Kreutinger to be the most straightforward on to make customized puppets. As a result, along with the knowledge I gained through my fashion education, I created Monica The Puppet, which currently performs at Puppetwood Comedy and visits schools on request.

Adam Kreutinger 

Ahmed Aldoori
I previously joined The 100 Heads Challenge by the prior instructor at Art Center College of Design, World Winner at Limits Digital Art Battle, Concept designer of Guild Wars 2 Ahmed Aldoori.

Ahmed Aldoori

Currently, I am working on my professional illustrator and concept artist skills in the concept art industry and taking Med's Map Digital Painting Course designed by Mr. Aldoori. The program consists of Rendering Form, Rendering Cubes, Skull, Skulls with no reference, Facial features, secret shapes, and ratios, Color Appeal, Value Technique, Alla, Prima Direct Painting, Stylized Painting, Master studies, Studying real faces, Shape Design, Appealing Art, Intro to Concept Art, Character Portraits, Staging Your Characters, Composition: Understanding Tension, Focal Points, Rhythm, & Composition, Masks and Gold, Tiefling Portrait.
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