Puppetwood Comedy
Puppetwood Comedy is a funny puppet show which entertains people worldwide, representing different cultures. Customized Puppets design and produce the puppets, and Puppetwood Comedy create fun and unique content for digital platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
You can also contact me if you need puppets to design for your project. We can also mass-produce the puppets we have created. 
Puppetwood Comedy: Hilarious Hand Puppet Entertainment by Anisa Ozalp
Step into the whimsical world of Puppetwood Comedy, an uproariously funny puppet show that brings laughter to audiences worldwide while celebrating diverse cultures. Anisa Ozalp designed and produced captivating puppets that come to life in the hilarious content created for popular digital platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
If you need puppet designs for your own project, look no further. Contact me to discuss your vision, and together we can bring your ideas to life with custom-designed puppets tailored to your unique requirements. Additionally, we offer the option to mass-produce the meticulously crafted puppets we have created, ensuring consistent quality and entertainment value.
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of my art through engaging content on my YouTube channel. Explore Speedpaint videos and more, witnessing the creative process firsthand as I breathe life into my artwork. Furthermore, if you seek custom puppets or extraordinary designs that surpass the ordinary, I'm here to collaborate and turn your imaginative visions into tangible reality. Let's create something truly exceptional together, where laughter knows no bounds in the enchanting realm of Puppetwood Comedy.
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of my art by exploring many Speedpaint videos and other engaging content on my YouTube channel. Witness the creative process firsthand as I bring my artwork to life. Additionally, if you need custom puppets or any other unique designs that go beyond the ordinary, feel free to reach out. 

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Rüzgar, a talented artist based in Aydın, specializes in designing exquisite fine art pieces, including sculptures. Anisa Ozalp has had the privilege of taking sculpting lessons from Mr. Rüzgar, learning and honing her skills under his guidance. His artistic expertise and dedication to his craft make him an invaluable mentor in the field of sculpture.
Swimmer Anisa Ozalp recommends swimming to keep the heart rate up, takes some of the impact stress off the body, builds endurance, and improve the muscle intensity
Jersey Flyers Aquatic Club Team
British Swim School
Pottery, an enduring and universally embraced art form, revolves around creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing items from heat-strengthened clay. I was honored in 2012 to gain training from Özay Korkmazgil.
Ceramic Art
A mural is any graphic artwork painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling, or permanent substrate. Mural techniques include fresco, mosaic, graffiti, and marouflage.
A doll-like me. Do you like American Doll girls, Barbie, Reborn Baby Dolls, Dollightful? Anisa Ozalp is Doll Maker Artist and designs dolls.
Product Design
Doll Making
Anisa Ozalp created a 2022 installation art featuring Mona Lisa bust sculptures in bronze, silver, and gold. Inspired by the original painting's engaging gaze, she combined traditional and modern techniques
Mona Lisa Statue
Three-dimensional Mona Lisa
Anisa Ozalp's animal drawings started in 2019, showcase a variety of mediums like charcoal, watercolor, and digital media, using geometric shapes to depict intricate animal figures with intelligence and grace.
Animal Geometric Shapes
Animal Anatomy Drawing
Anisa Ozalp has been mastering the timeless art of Ebru, also known as the Art of Marbling, since 2022, creating unique and captivating patterns by sprinkling color pigments on a special mix and transferring them onto paper, preserving the rich tradition and introducing contemporary interpretations of this UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage.
Art of Marbling
Intangible Cultural Heritage
The Academy of Art University is a private for-profit art school in San Francisco. Anisa Ozalp is attended PCAE Pre College Art Experience program at the Academy in 2021.
The Academy of Art University
Pre College Art Experience
Anisa Ozalp, an artist, is known for her detailed oil paintings, including a series featuring a traditional Albanian girl, inspired by her mother's hometown of Debar, North Macedonia. Debar is famous for its craftsmen, woodcarving masters, and builders, with works featured in churches and cultural buildings throughout the Balkan Peninsula.
Albanian Art
North Macedonia
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