I started creating  Ebru Art, aka Art of Marbling, in 2022. Ebru is the ancient art of beautiful patterns by sprinkling color pigments on a pan with a special mix and then floating this pattern on paper. In the 13th century, the first forms of Ebru emerged in Central Asia. Later, practiced by the artists in Ottoman Empire. Colors consist of ox-gall kind of natural acid helping the colors sprinkle on the gum so prepared as to float upon preparation of condensed liquid with the use of kitre kind of herbal gum, possessing certain properties to the colors prepared for the purpose and which color floated and formed into patterns upon the surface of the liquid, are taken off by laying on a sheet of paper. Ebru's philosophy of calmness with its unique art form cannot be reproduced with the same design.

Pattern Types: Gelgit, Tarakli, Hatip, Bülbül Yuvası, Çiçekli.

Most used colors in Ebru: Light green, Red, Yellow. 

Designs: Flowers, Foliage, Ornamental, The first quarter of the moon.

Ebru is registered on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 
Ebru Making Process
Ebru Making Process
Ebru Making Process
Ebru Making Process
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art

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