I started creating  Ebru Art, aka Art of Marbling, in 2022. Ebru is the ancient art of beautiful patterns by sprinkling color pigments on a pan with a special mix and then floating this pattern on paper. In the 13th century, the first forms of Ebru emerged in Central Asia. Later, practiced by the artists in Ottoman Empire. Colors consist of ox-gall kind of natural acid helping the colors sprinkle on the gum so prepared as to float upon preparation of condensed liquid with the use of kite kind of herbal gum, possessing certain properties to the colors prepared for the purpose and which color floated and formed into patterns upon the surface of the liquid, are taken off by laying on a sheet of paper. Ebru's philosophy of calmness with its unique art form cannot be reproduced with the same design.

Pattern Types: Gelgit, Tarakli, Hatip, Bülbül Yuvası, Çiçekli.

Most used colors in Ebru: Light green, Red, Yellow. 

Designs: Flowers, Foliage, Ornamental, The first quarter of the moon.

Ebru is registered on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 


Ebru Making Process
Ebru Making Process
Ebru Making Process
Ebru Making Process
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Ebru Art
Mastering the Timeless Ebru Art: Anisa Ozalp's Journey since 2022
Anisa Ozalp, a committed artist in the realm of Ebru Art or the Art of Marbling, embarked on her creative journey in 2022. This fascinating art form originated in Central Asia during the 13th century and later flourished under the expert hands of the Ottoman Empire's artists. Creating Ebru involves meticulously sprinkling color pigments on a pan filled with a special mix, then capturing the resultant floating patterns on paper. This art is distinct for its use of unique materials such as ox-gall, a natural acid that facilitates the color sprinkling on the prepared gum, and kitre, a herbal gum that gives unique properties to the colors used. The colors float on the condensed liquid, forming distinctive patterns that, upon transferring onto paper, create the inimitable and tranquil Ebru designs.
The art form boasts a variety of pattern types, including Gelgit, Tarakli, Hatip, Bülbül Yuvası, and Çiçekli. The most commonly used colors are light green, red, and yellow, allowing artists to create diverse designs like flowers, foliage, ornamental, and the moon's first quarter. Owing to its historical significance and cultural depth, Ebru Art has been recognized and registered on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. Anisa Ozalp's engagement with this unique art form keeps its tradition alive and introduces contemporary interpretations of these timeless techniques.
Understanding the process of Ebru making is essential to appreciate this unique art form. From preparing the special mix to the meticulous art of floating the colors and capturing the patterns, each step of Ebru making is a testament to the precision, patience, and creativity inherent to this art. With its calming aesthetics and distinctive design, Ebru art is a fascinating world to explore.
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Ebru Art, and be interested in Digital Art by subscribing to Anisa Ozalp's YouTube channel. Each piece is unique, reflecting the art's unpredictability. Commission a custom artwork today. Discover, learn, and support this age-old art form. Contact Anisa now to add cultural charm to your space.

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