I am working on my professional illustrator and concept artist skills in the concept art industry and currently taking Med's Map Digital Painting Course by Ahmed Aldoori. It is a comprehensive, compiled course with most of the techniques. I will share my assignment and progress here. Each lesson gives you step-by-step explanations of the elements of digital painting. Throughout 15 course studies, Program covers the fundamentals and creates complex faces, lighting, ideas, and stories. You can work independently, but each lesson will take a week. Think of this like a college-level course. I also joined THE 100 HEADS CHALLENGE, created by the creator of Med's Map, Mr. Aldoori.
Ahmed Aldoori is an illustrator who has worked on numerous projects from films, theme parks, and video games. He also has a famous YouTube channel that shares tutorials, sketchbook assignments, reviews, and unique artwork content. A prior professor at ArtCenter College of Design where He taught Concept Design, Design Processes, and Dramatic Narrative Concept designer for movies, theme parks, and video games, including Guild Wars 2. World winner at Limits / Digital Art Battle. 
1: Rendering Form
Having a strong foundation before rendering the human face would be best. So, Rendering Form Class starts by covering the basics. Then, you'll learn a step-by-step process for rendering cubes, spheres, cylinders, and value structures and how lighting affects these simple shapes.
Rendering Form
1. Rendering Form
2: Rendering Cubes
You'll learn color theory, both RGB and CMYK, through straightforward methods. The basics of the color wheel and complementary colors will become second nature.
Rendering Cubes
2. Rendering Cubes
3: Painting Basic Subjects
What brushes do you use? You'll learn about brush strokes, layering brushwork, lighting, and brush economy. Learning is an iterative process, and you'll get your practice in this course. After this lesson, you will notice confidence and personal artistic style development. 
Painting Basic Subjects
3: Painting Basic Subjects
4: Building the Skull
The Program will simplify the human skull into easy-to-render shapes. In addition, knowing the underlying forms will allow you to illustrate heads from different angles easily. The course will break down the skull shapes into spheres, cylinders, wedges, and a magnet shape, with proportions of where to place the overall parts to each other, like the cranium related to the mandible. 
Building the Skull
4: Building the Skull
5: Skulls with No Reference

Learn how to draw from imagination. You'll learn how to build and draw skulls from different angles and have adequate lighting on the head.
Skulls with no reference
5: Skulls with No Reference
6: Facial Features, Secret Shapes, and Ratios
You'll learn how I render facial features through their primary forms. And you'll understand the wireframe method for rendering light on facial features. After this lesson, you'll have a mental library of what to look for when painting a face. There will also be a section on secret shapes and ratios.
Facial Feature, Secret Shapes, and Ratios
6: Facial Features, Secret Shapes, and Ratios
7: Color Appeal
You will start building your library of color palettes by analyzing color references. You'll begin to develop an intuition for colors in skin tones, warm vs. cool colors, and high saturation vs. low saturation.
Color Appeal
7: Color Appeal
8: Value Technique
Alright, back to faces. First, you'll learn to indicate Form, lighting, and contrast on faces using value alone. Then, Ahmed will show you his techniques for pushing and pulling values.
Value Technique
8: Value Technique
9: Alla Prima / Direct Painting
The direct painting method will enable you to combine everything you've learned. Ahmed will show you my step-by-step process for this technique, which adds color to your toolkit.
Alla Prima, Direct Painting
9: Alla Prima / Direct Painting
10: Stylized Painting
This lesson builds off our previous discussions of facial features and color theory. You'll learn how to stylize from photo references.
Stylized Painting
10: Stylized Painting
11: Master Studies
How did the masters stylize their portraits? Ahmed will analyze the creative choices that John Singer Sargent used in his paintings. That will help you make creative choices with lighting, brushwork, lost edges, sharp edges, and focal points.
Master Studies
11: Master Studies
12: Studying Real Faces
Ahmed will analyze the familiar faces in everyday life rather than in movies and games. After this, you'll be able to create characters that have personality, story, and appeal. 
Studying Real Faces
12: Studying Real Faces
13: Shape Design
Ahmed will walk you through rhythm, harmony, and repetition. Then, you'll begin to think about these elements in your work. And you'll learn more about shape hierarchy, composition, gesture, negative space, and flow.
Shape Design
13: Shape Design
14: Appealing Light
You'll learn how to render appealing light through specific reference images. Together, we'll break down the lighting elements so you can begin your lighting library.
15: Intro to Concept Art
Congrats on making it this far! Now that you have all the foundations and an extensive toolkit of techniques, it's time to cover what concept art is. You'll learn how to approach a project and how to make your portfolio. Ahmed will be discussing world-building, themes, and multiple approaches for sketching and painting heads using reference and your imagination.
6 Additional Lessons 
6 Classic Gumroad tutorials 
(35+ hours of content):
    •   Character Portraits
    •    Staging Your Characters
    •    Composition 1: Understanding Tension
    •    Focal Points, Rhythm, & Composition
    •    Masks and Gold
    •    Tiefling Portrait
Additional Lessons
6 Additional Lessons 
5 Hours of Bonus Footage 
Extra real-time process videos
5 Hours of Bonus Footage
5 Hours of Bonus Footage 
Med's Map Anisa Ozalp
Med's Map Anisa Ozalp
Med's Map Anisa Ozalp
Med's Map Anisa Ozalp
Mastering Digital Painting with Med's Map: Anisa Ozalp's Journey
Embark on a transformative artistic journey with Anisa Ozalp as she delves into the world of digital painting through Med's Map. As a professional illustrator and concept artist, Anisa has enrolled in Med's Map Digital Painting Course by the renowned Ahmed Aldoori. This comprehensive course covers a wide range of techniques and serves as a guide to mastering digital painting. Anisa shares her progress and assignments, showcasing her growth and development throughout the course. From rendering forms to exploring color theory, painting basic subjects to building the human skull, Med's Map equips artists with essential skills and knowledge. Ahmed Aldoori, a celebrated illustrator and former professor at ArtCenter College of Design, imparts his expertise in concept design and dramatic narrative, enriching the learning experience. 
Join Anisa Ozalp on an inspiring artistic journey as she shares her creative process through captivating Speedpaint videos on her engaging Youtube channel. Immerse yourself in digital painting and witness how Anisa brings her art to life. From exploring color theory and rendering forms to mastering concept art techniques, she showcases her skills and expertise. But that's not all – if you have a specific vision and desire a one-of-a-kind artwork, Anisa is ready to bring your ideas to life through her commissioned artwork services. Let your imagination take flight as you watch, learn, and commission extraordinary pieces from Anisa Ozalp, a talented artist dedicated to her craft; you are welcome to contact her
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