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This page consists of Content, Payment, Copyright, and Client Confidentiality guidelines, emphasizing precise requests and compliance with transparent pricing and professional norms.
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As a multifaceted artist, my expertise spans diverse skills, materials, and styles. These include digital art, fashion, children's book illustrations, custom puppets, animations, sculptures, and stop-motion. I also work with various textile arts, such as embroidery, rainbow loom, felt toys, and cross-stitch. My proficiency extends to various painting and drawing mediums, including oil, acrylic, gouache, and Chinese watercolor. Furthermore, I am skilled in calligraphy, tezhip, and ebru, as well as in design areas like wallpaper and package design.
📜 Commission Request Terms​​​​​​​
As an artist dedicated to fostering a respectful and professional environment, I, Anisa Ozalp, set these rules for commission requests:
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1️⃣ Content Limitations
⚪  I reserve the right to decline commissions involving controversial or sensitive subjects, nudity or sexually explicit content, depictions of violence, hate speech, or depraved issues, any content promoting discrimination or harm against any individual or group, and defamatory, harassing, or otherwise legally questionable material.
2️⃣ Payment Policy
⚪  I do not accept wire transfers, bank checks, or other offline payment forms.
⚪  All payments must be made through my personal payment link provided below.
⚪  Work does not commence until an accepted percentage of the work's fee is received as a deposit.
⚪  Full payment details and instructions will be provided upon commission approval.
3️⃣ Copyright and Intellectual Property
⚪  I do not create or replicate copyrighted materials belonging to third parties or clients without explicit permission.
⚪  Commissioned works are for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
4️⃣ Client Identity Verification
⚪  To ensure a transparent and secure transaction, I require clear identification from all clients, including a valid email address, contact phone number, and most frequently used social media account.
⚪  Failure to provide accurate identity information may result in the rejection of the commission request.
5️⃣ Budget and Pricing
🧊 Please respect the pricing structure set for my services.
🧊 I do not entertain low-ball offers or negotiations that undervalue my work and expertise.
🧊 A quote will be provided based on the specifics of the commission request.
6️⃣ Commission Request Requirements
⚪  Requests must be submitted in clear, detailed English, including specific dimensions, desired style, color preferences, and other relevant details.
⚪  The more detailed the request, the better I can meet your expectations.
By submitting a commission request, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. I reserve the right to decline any request that does not comply with these guidelines.
I appreciate your cooperation; please complete the form below.
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📝 Commission Request Form
Thank you for submitting the commission request to Anisa Ozalp
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Intellectual Property Disclaimer
All artistic creations and styles displayed on Anisa Ozalp's Online Art Gallery are the Intellectual Property (IP) of Anisa Ozalp. The unauthorized use or distribution of this material without the owner's explicit consent is strictly prohibited. Please get in touch with us directly if you wish to commission art or use any current design. Please remember that Intellectual Property refers to original creations of the mind - including inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images used in commerce. We ensure stringent compliance with the Copyright Office rules and regulations. Should any infringement occur, we will engage the appropriate legal authorities and take necessary action against those violating the rights associated with the artwork displayed on this website.
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