Rainbow Loom

I showcased some of the rainbow loom creations I designed in 2017 in this collection. Rainbow Loom is the technique of using woven multicolored rubber and plastic bands called loom bands into decorative pieces such as bracelets, small toys, and charms. It was invented in 2010 by Cheong Choon Ng. Also, The designer of the below unicorn is Cortney Nicole. She has a channel for Rainbow Loom making where she uploads tutorials of realistic animals, specializing in dragons from films and shows. 
Cortney Nicole Design Rainbow Loom Unicorn
Cortney Nicole Design Rainbow Loom Unicorn
Cortney Nicole Design Rainbow Loom Unicorn
Cortney Nicole Design Rainbow Loom Unicorn
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Cortney Nicole HTTYD Design Rainbow Loom
Anisa Ozalp is making Rainbow Looms

Anisa Ozalp is making Rainbow Looms in 2017

Unleashing Creativity with Rainbow Loom Bands: Anisa Ozalp's and Cortney Nicole's Masterpieces
Delve into the vibrant world of Rainbow Loom, a delightful technique that transforms colorful loom bands into eye-catching decorative pieces. This creative craft, invented by Cheong Choon Ng in 2010, breathes life into the seemingly ordinary rubber and plastic bands. Discover a plethora of captivating designs ranging from bracelets to small toys and charms, highlighting the imaginative possibilities inherent in Rainbow Loom.
In 2017, artist Anisa Ozalp showcased a series of distinctive Rainbow Loom creations that attest to her creative prowess. Her unique designs are available for viewing, offering both inspiration and a visual treat to fellow loom enthusiasts. Further explore the realm of Rainbow Loom through the spectacular creations of Cortney Nicole, a notable designer specializing in realistic animal designs. Nicole's stunning depictions of unicorns and dragons from popular films and shows can be found on her dedicated Rainbow Loom channel, providing accessible tutorials for all.
Boost your creative journey with Rainbow Loom by visiting Anisa Ozalp's YouTube channel. Watch her Speedpaint videos and more, providing insights into her creative process, and offering a chance to commission an artwork of your own. With #loom bracelets, #rainbow loom animals, and everything in between, tap into the limitless potential of #rubber band bracelet kits, and weave your own colorful narrative with Rainbow Loom.
Experience my artistic process firsthand and gain insights into the creation of my artwork by exploring Speedpaint videos and more on my YouTube channel. If you're inspired to own a piece that's uniquely yours, don't hesitate to reach out for commissioned artwork opportunities.
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