Anisa is an accomplished American artist passionate about creating art and diverse skills and experiences. From a young age, she was drawn to the art of animation, stop-motion films, and imaginative books, which sparked her creativity. At age three, she began teaching herself how to draw and paint, with her first drawing being "Elmo."She has received formal training and certificates in animation, fashion design, illustration, and art courses in the US 🇺🇸  Taiwan 🇹🇼 the UK 🇬🇧  Turkey 🇹🇷  and France 🇫🇷 Anisa has a social media following, has participated in various art challenges and competitions, and has achieved personal accomplishments such as swimming and creating handmade dolls. 
Anisa is a skilled artist with a range of certifications and training. She holds a Fashion Design Certificate and an Adobe Certificate in Illustration, Photoshop, and InDesign, which she obtained in early 2021. In addition, she has completed the PCAE Art Experience at the Academy of Art University, a prestigious art and design education program. Anisa has attended art exhibits such as One Art and Dangdai Taipei and has visited art museums in New York, Taipei, Istanbul, and Paris. Anisa Ozalp has received a wide range of training and courses in the arts, including, but not limited to:
In the United States:
Adam Kreutinger, the Puppet Master
Med's Map Ahmed Aldoori's Digital Painting Fundamentals 
Kesh Art Drawing Camp
Animation Mentor, Character Animation
In Taiwan:
Art Master Song Binghui on various Chinese fine art courses
Shih Chien University Adobe Certificate in Illustration, Photoshop, and InDesign and Fashion Design Certificate
In Turkey:
Anima Okul, Animation School in Istanbul
Gultekin Ruzgar on sculptor and ebru course
Asuman Dokuzlu on perspective, still life, oil paint, and collage
Mehmet Cetin on human anatomy and still life courses
Elif Ela on tezhip courses
In France: École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques. 2024 -. (Accepted)
In the UK: The Aardman Academy. 2023 -. Stop Motion 1 and 2. (Accepted)
Through various courses and training programs, Anisa has developed diverse skills and techniques, allowing her to create various artworks. She is knowledgeable with Procreate software, where she creates her digital art.
COMPETITIONS: Anisa completed several challenges, such as "Silk Road," "Poet Sezai," "Inktober," "Continuous Line Challenge," "100 Days of Sketching" (2020 and 2021), "100 Heads Challenge", "Ten Hundred Shape Challenge," "Aydın Young Talents" in the painting category with great success and praise from her followers. She is determined, focused, and continuously evolving in her work. Anisa always pushes the boundaries and experiments with various verticals. She incorporates her artwork inter-culturally, representing different experiences of the globe. She is determined, focused, and continuously evolving in her work.
Swimming: Anisa was awarded a trophy for her swimming abilities on the Jersey Flyers Aquatic Club team, which aims to develop swimmers for the Olympics. She completed all levels of the British Swim School ahead of schedule. 
Piano: Anisa also took intermediate-level piano lessons during middle school.
OBJECTIVE: Anisa is an artist focused on developing technical skills and cultivating a keen eye for an organization to communicate her concepts and experiences through various mediums effectively. She aims to improve and evolve as an artist by exploring new techniques and pushing creative boundaries. She is passionate about creating meaningful work in the entertainment and fine art industries.
QUALIFICATIONS: Anisa's artwork blends handcrafted, digital, animation, stop motion, and fine art. She has experience assisting with art-related e-commerce projects involving handmade products. She is proficient and certified in digital art with CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Procreate software. Additionally, she is proficient in animation software such as Unreal Engine, ZBrush, Maya, and Houdini. Anisa has experience creating various art processes, developing documents for creative processes, and handcrafted and fashion items such as dolls, puppets, embroidery, cross-stitch bags, and beaded items.
RECOGNITIONS: Anisa has received recognition and appreciation for her skills and talents from various sources, such as Singer Sewing Machine Company for doll making, Song Binghui for fine art creations, Shih Chien University for fashion drawing and clothing design, Coco Bubble Tea HQ, The Halal Guys, Netflix's "Waffle and Mochi," Adam Kreutinger, Aydin National Education, Secaucus Middle School, Jersey Flyers Swim Team, and British Swimming School for swimming skills. She is honored to be listed as a role model artist in a diverse and inclusive selection of artists from Ingram Road Primary School of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. These recognitions highlight her diverse range of skills and talents in various fields of art and design.
Anisa holds citizenship in the USA, UK, and Turkey, a Taiwan Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), and a France Carte de Séjour (Residence Card).
How many languages does Anisa Ozalp speak?​​​​​​​ Anisa is fluent in English, Chinese, and Turkish and is working to improve her French through classes at the Institut Français. She has been exposed to a fusion of cultural backgrounds, enhancing her ability to communicate with diverse individuals.
EXPERIENCE: Taiwan - Freelance Designer 2021. Project: Pop-up Artistry
ESMA École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques: Accepted for CG Animation and Special Effects - Master’s Degree in Lyon, France (2024 -)
The Aardman Academy: Accepted for Stop Motion 1 and 2 in the UK. Starting in 2023.
Anima Okul: Animation School in Istanbul, Turkey (2022-2023)
Animation Mentor: Character Animation in Emeryville, California (2022)
Zubeyde Hanim Technical Girls Vocational School: Majored in Graphic Design in Aydin, Turkey (2023).
Penn Foster High School: High School Diploma in PA, USA (Completed)
Academy of Art University: Completed Art and Design Education Program in CA, USA (June 2021-August 2021), with a focus on PCAE (Pre-College Art Experience) Art Experience.
Shih Chien University: Completed comprehensive programs at Taipei, TW from October 2019 to August 2021, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Chinese levels 5-6, Fashion Design certificate programs
National Taipei University of Education: Completed Chinese Language Center program in Taipei, TW (December 2019-November 2020), achieving proficiency in Chinese levels 1-4 and obtaining a certificate.
Secaucus Middle School: Secaucus, NJ, USA (September 2018-May, 2021)
She completed her early education in various private and public institutions in the USA, gaining a well-rounded and diverse educational background.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Anisa has a social media following of individuals from various age groups. Her work resonates with people of all ages, as they can find a piece of themselves within it. Anisa has a Youtube channel and website showcasing her drawings, creative process, portfolio, fine art, fashion designs, handmade pieces, accomplishments, exhibitions, training, and professional development. Her website,, and contact page are details about commissioning a piece or collaborating on a project, as well as extra resources and information about her work.
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