Asuman Dokuzlu is an artist who graduated from the fashion design department of the Girls' Art Institute in Aydin, the same school where Anisa is currently studying Graphic Design. Asuman further developed her art in the Netherlands and has presented her work in various exhibitions. She has also taught painting lessons in Aydin State Fine Arts Gallery and at her own workshop, Asuman Dokuzlu Resim Atölyesi. As a student of Asuman Hanim, Anisa is able to learn and improve her Turkish language skills and gain exposure to different art forms and techniques, as well as the cultural and traditional art of Anatolian culture.
Anatolian Civilization Project
It is possible to see various colors and their innumerable tones in her works; she loves to play with shades. While creating the work with intense warm tones, She aims to paint and see genuine compositions as one of the most important reasons to be alive. While continuing her abstract work, She started a project on Anatolian Civilization and finished it in three and a half years. This project was approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and provided a venue, Anatolian Culture Mosaic, the colors and products, many objects used in folk culture in the past and now almost forgotten, and the remains of civilizations are depicted. These were exhibited at the Ankara State Fine Arts Gallery and Dolmabahçe Palace.


Asuman Dokuzlu graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department where she became a student of many well-known artists like
Adem Genç   ·   Cuma Ocaklı   ·    Feyzi Saydam   ·    Mümtaz Sağlam
Adem Genc
Adem Genc
Cuma Ocakli
Cuma Ocakli
Feyzi Saydam
Feyzi Saydam
Mümtaz Sağlam
Mümtaz Sağlam
Still Life of Dokuzlu Studio: drawn by Anisa
Perspective Drawing Skills
Letter of Recommendation for Anisa from Asuman Dokuzlu
August 12, 2022
To Whom It May Concern,
First, when I met Anisa, I knew she was a very talented artist. You can see this in her portfolio. She immediately comprehended and applied every technique I taught her, and I was pleased with her as an educator. It was a pleasure for me to work with a student who understands techniques so quickly. Working with her has been a pleasure and an immediate reward for me. I am sure that Anisa will continually succeed in the next phase of her Artistic journey. Her being at a remarkable level in the future will depend on her distinct work without saying, "I am exhausted," and I already see this diligence in her.
ASUMAN DOKUZLU​​​​​​​ / Dokuzlu Painting Workshop
Asuman Dokuzlu: A FAMOUS Painter Guiding Anisa Ozalp's Artistic Journey
Asuman Dokuzlu, a Turkish painter, shapes and enriches Anisa Ozalp's artistic journey. With a background in fashion design and a passion for vibrant compositions, Asuman is one of Anisa's mentors, providing expert guidance and artistic expertise. After graduating from the fashion design department of the Girls' Art Institute in Aydin, Asuman further honed her artistic skills in the Netherlands and showcased her work in numerous exhibitions. She has also taught painting lessons at the Aydin State Fine Arts Gallery and her own workshop, Asuman Dokuzlu Resim Atölyesi. As Anisa's tutor, Asuman not only helps her develop her Turkish language skills but also exposes her to various art forms, techniques, and the rich cultural heritage of Anatolian civilization. Through their collaboration, Anisa gains valuable insights into the art world while continuing to evolve as an artist.
Explore the captivating world of Anisa's artistry by immersing yourself in the Speedpaint videos and other engaging content available on her Youtube channel. Additionally, if you are in search of a unique and personalized artwork, feel free to reach out to Anisa to discuss commissioning a piece tailored to your preferences. 
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