I am currently attending 11-grade Graphic Design classes in Zübeyde Hanım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Aydin to improve my graphic design skills as well as my Turkish.  The school started education in 1944 and named after the mother of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Currently, School's Admin is working on the EU standards with Erasmus + projects.

The city of Aydın has a special location that contributes to the country's tourism. Agriculture is also provides important sources for the city of Aydin. Figs remain the province's best-known crop, although other agricultural products are also grown intensively, and the city has some light industry. Besides figs and olive oil, the region's traditional crops, cotton also grew in the area.  

AYDIN is the city located at the heart of the lower valley of Büyük Menderes River ancient Meander River, commanding the region extending from the uplands of the valley down to the seacoast.  Aydın is located along an area that has been famous for its fertility and productivity since ancient times. Aydin has an amazing history linked to Argives, Trallians, Lydia, Athens, Sparta, Romans, Greeks, Ottomans and Turkish. 

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