I am currently attending 12-grade Graphic Design classes at Zübeyde Hanım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Aydin to improve my graphic design skills and my Turkish Language.  The school started education in 1944 and was named after the mother of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. School's Admin is currently working on the EU standards with Erasmus + projects. 
Reference Letter
I am writing to provide a reference for Anisa Ozalp, who has been my student in the Graphics/Photography program at Zübeyde Hanım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School for the past two years. During this time, Anisa consistently demonstrated high levels of ability and social aptitude in various courses. She consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and active participation in lessons, projects, and assignments. In addition to her dedication to her studies, Anisa also displayed a willingness to engage in extracurricular activities and a clear focus on her career goals.
Anisa is a determined and ambitious individual with a talent for progressive thinking and creativity. She consistently demonstrates perseverance in her work and a desire to produce original content. These traits, combined with her successful academic record, make me confident that Anisa will continue to excel in her professional pursuits. I have no doubt that her determination, drive, and passion for research will serve her well as she embarks on her entrepreneurial career path.
In conclusion, I am happy to provide a positive reference for Anisa and am confident that she will continue to be a valuable asset in any professional setting. I am always happy to support her in any way I can.
Sincerely, Mehmet Cetin Graphic/Photography Area Workshop Chief Zübeyde Hanım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Efeler, Aydin
Referans Mektubu
Zübeyde Hanım Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi Grafik/Fotoğraf Alanında 2 sene süresince öğrencim olan, Anisa Özalp için bu referans mektubunu vermekten mutluluk duyarım. Anisa Özalp, lise dönemi boyunca aldığı dersler, projeler ve ödev teslimlerinde titiz çalışmayı ve derslerdeki katılımcılığıyla diğer öğrencilerin arasında farklı kılmıştır. Dersler dışındaki sosyal aktivitelerde de istekli çalışmasını ve hedeflediği kariyer yolunda önemli bir artı olarak görüyorum.
Anisa Özalp, işleri, dersleri ve projeleri süresince gösterdiği azim ve yapılmamış bir çalışma yapma isteği, daha ilerici düşünce ve yeteneğiyle kendini potansiyeli olan, yaratıcılık, çalışma azmi ve hırslı odaklanmış bir kişiliğe sahip. Bu özellikleriyle çalışmalarında başarı kazandığına inanıyorum.
Profesyonel yaşamda da aynı başarıları göstereceğine ve kişisel özelliklerinden biri olan araştırmacılık ve girişimciliğin hedeflediği kariyer yolunda en önemli dinamiklerinden biri olacağına kesin gözüyle bakıyorum. Bu sebeble, Anisa Özalp'in her zaman yanımda olacağımı bildirirken, kendine dair her konuda olumlu tavsiyelerimi vermekten mutluluk duyarım.
Mehmet Çetin - Grafik/ Fotoğraf Alanı Atölye Şefi Adres: Efeler/Aydın Zübeyde Hanim Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi.
My Projects in the School
I was awarded for representing my school in "The Subject of Sezai Karakoç's Life Painting Contest." 
My Artwork was chosen for Tubitak Optical Illusion 
Inheriting Silk Road Competition 
CorelDRAW Courses
Some of the Children's Books
Selected for Searching Aydın Young Talents
Awarded for Technology Addiction Competition
The city of Aydın is situated in a prime location that greatly contributes to the country's tourism industry. Agriculture is also a significant source of income for the city, with figs being the most well-known crop. However, other agricultural products are also produced intensively, and the city has some light industries. In addition to figs and olive oil, traditional crops such as cotton are also grown in the area.
Aydın is located in the lower valley of the Büyük Menderes River, also known as the ancient Meander River, and occupies the region extending from the uplands of the valley to the coastline. This area has long been renowned for its fertility and productivity, and Aydin itself has a rich history that has been influenced by various civilizations such as the Argives, Trallians, Lydia, Athens, Sparta, Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, and Turkish.
You are welcome to view and learn from the creative process behind some of my art by watching my Speedpaint videos and other content on my YouTube channel. If you have a specific artwork in mind that you would like me to create for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me regarding commissioning a piece. I would be delighted to collaborate with you.

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