Crochet creates textiles using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. In 2019 I made some toys, cute little foods, fruits, hats, and purses utilizing crochet. I was inspired by the 100 Days of Mini Amigurumi book by Lauren Espy- A Menagerie of Stitches. Amigurumi 編みぐるみ, lit. "crocheted or knitted stuffed toy" is the Japanese craft of knitting or crocheting little, stuffed yarn creatures. You can contact me if you need help with crochet project ideas.  
my handmade crochet designs
PROCESS of the Granny Square Vest making
Crochet Process 1
Crochet Process 1
Crochet Process 2
Crochet Process 2
Crochet Process 3
Crochet Process 3
Crochet Process 4
Crochet Process 4
My Cockatiel Bird "Peeka"

My Cockatiel Bird "Peeka"

My Handcrafted Crochet Creations
The garments I crafted passionately were fashioned using the timeless art of crochet. Each stitch interlocked with the next, weaving a tapestry of looks that was not just an outfit but a testament to creativity. My clothes were not merely clothes but an embodiment of a cherished craft skillfully interwoven with personal expression. I even wore the crochet vest I made for my vocational school graduation.
Discover the Creative World of Crochet with Anisa Ozalp's Artistic Creations
Intricately crafted by artist Anisa Ozalp, crochet brings to life fashionable creations that encompass a diverse range of items. Using a crochet hook to skillfully interlock loops of yarn, thread, or other materials, Anisa's works showcase the artistry of this traditional craft. Inspired by the delightful world of Amigurumi, a Japanese technique for knitting or crocheting stuffed yarn creatures, Anisa's portfolio includes toys, adorable miniatures of foods and fruits, hats, and purses. Her passion for crochet extends beyond personal creations, as she eagerly offers assistance with project ideas. One remarkable crochet project by Anisa is her retro 70s style Granny Square Vest, a fashionable piece inspired by the past. With a vision to create crochet characters for stop motion animation, Anisa is driven by the joy of working with handmade crafts. Explore her captivating crochet gallery featuring a vibrant range of items, including a sunflower bag, fox, yellow hat, and more. Additionally, Anisa shares her artistic process, allowing viewers to witness the creation of her art through Speedpaint videos on her YouTube channel. Whether you seek to commission an artwork or dive into the world of crochet, Anisa Ozalp's artistic prowess and expertise make her the perfect guide. Discover the endless possibilities of crochet with #crochet, #knitting, #how to crochet, #crochet patterns, and many more trending keywords related to this captivating craft.
Experience the captivating process of my art through engaging Speedpaint videos on my vibrant YouTube channel. Immerse yourself in the mastery as I create mesmerizing pieces, allowing you to watch and learn. Additionally, if you seek to commission a unique design that intertwines the intricate beauty of crochet, I am here to bring your vision to life.
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