Handmade Items are crafted in an environment of attention and respect to the objects and focus on what the things want to be. Things are beautiful when made with a more cognitive viewpoint and designed by addressing the objects as conscious things. Handmade items cannot be duplicated, so they all have their own value of individuality.
Making things handmade improves the artist's motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Fine motor skills involve all of the body's small muscles:  particularly those that control precise movements of the hands, wrists, feet, toes, and lips. The small muscles of the hands and fingers are the most important for developing fine art-creating abilities and bringing the fruits of imagination to this realm by utilizing our senses. 
Watching Ghibli Studios Animation movies and seeing how they collaborate the fine art in digital means always amazed me. I exposed myself to digital art and animation, but I did not want only to create art digitally; I also wanted to be an artisan artist. I wanted to touch and feel the variety of materials.
I was exposed to many handmade arts in my younger years, and I see the value added to my digital and fine art in my later years. In my younger days, I was always interested in beautiful design, making handcrafted items with my hands. 
What is crochet?  Crochet is creating textiles using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of different materials. The name originated from the French word crochet, meaning 'small hook.' Hooks can be produced from other materials, such as metal, wood, bamboo, or plastic. 2019 I created toy figures such as sweet tiny fruits, hats, and purses using crochet. I was interested in making Mini Amigurumi and referenced Lauren Espy's works.
Crochet Purse
What are Perler Beads? Perler beads, called Hama or melty beads, are tiny, plastic. You organize them on a unique pegboard to create a design. You then use iron and wax paper you fuse the beads. You have a hard piece of plastic in your design as they cool off. At the age of nine, I started to make Perler Beads. All the designs created were collected online. It helped me to improve my hand-eye coordination and learn color styles.
Perler Beads
What are handmade dolls? A handmade doll is also called a rag doll, a children's toy. It is a cloth doll traditionally homemade and filled with extra scraps of material. They are the oldest children's toys in existence. Presently, many handmade dolls are commercially made to reproduce the features of the original homemade dolls, such as simplistic features, smooth cloth bodies, and patchwork clothes. I handmade dolls in 2015. My first handcrafted doll was "Brownie," made from old clothing and buttons. My latest handmade doll was a crocheted fox called "Foxy." 
Handmade Dolls
What is felt? In early times, felt was used to make rugs, shoes, clothes, and toys! Felt toys are an excellent addition to a play space for young children. It is thicker, more tightly woven, and has strong fibers, so it holds up better so seams won't rip when stuffing your toy. Felt toys are soft, highly textural, and add a sensory element to children's play, developing their engagement and play experience. I created Felt Toys in 2016, utilizing felt fabrics, and taught myself how to sew using my hands and sewing machine. 
Felt Toys
Rainbow Loom is a plastic device used to make multicolored rubber and plastic bands, called loom bands, into embellishing items such as charms and bracelets. It has pegs over which small, colored rubber bands are looped and pulled by a special crochet hook. The resulting loop knots, known as Brunnian links, can be compiled into bracelets and other shapes on the loom. In 2017, I also made several Rainbow Loom creations ranging from bracelets in different styles, people figures, animals, and dragons, referencing Cortney Nicole.
Rainbow Loom
What is outdoor art? Street art is one of the most distinct forms of artistic expression in our modern world because it aims to draw upon viewers from exterior structures such as buildings or homes. Outdoor art is visually and physically accessible to the public since displayed outside. Outdoor art explores to embody public or universal concepts rather than commercial, exclusive, or individual concepts or interests. I ventured out of my comfort zone and applied my drawing and painting skills to outdoor items such as a deck to add color and fun, using various Exterior Wood paints. 
Outdoor Art
Popular in Ancient Rome, mosaics adorned floors, walls, and windows. They blend history and modern art, offering beauty and functionality. Consider incorporating mosaics in interior design for impactful statements in homes, offices, and places of worship.
In 2021, I experimented with making my mosaic lamps. Organizing each colorful glass is as therapeutic as it is beautiful. The final creation is unique to you and your perception of the artwork you aim to create. 
At the beginning of 2021, I sparked an interest in how to make my own handcrafted puppet. I conducted online research and watched numerous videos on the topic. I applied the techniques and tips shared by puppet creators to my own creation and was pleased with the result. As I furthered my learning journey, I enrolled in Adam Kreutinger's courses, which preceded the making of my puppet. Adam Kreutinger also appreciated the outcome of my creation.
Embroidery decorates fabric or other forms using a needle to apply thread or yarn. I explored embroidery in 2020 for my fashion design work. The goal was to embroider something representing me and how I see the world. My interpretation was to create eyes and textures to express myself artistically. 
I am customizing sneakers to represent images from fanart images. I use Angelus leather care products and Nike Air Force One. First, I created my sneaker concept design. Also, I replaced the original white shoelaces with black-colored ones to go splendidly with the concept design for Alice in Wonderland design. 
I made necklaces with various materials such as stone, shells, bones, glass, plastic, wood, and pearl. I got inspired by Lisa Sahakian, Katie Rawsthorne, Gena Wachendorfer, Yasmin Moon, Mary Anderson, Camille Shakirova, Cecilia, Eunice Wong, Alexandria Rosa, and Regan Lowe.
I earned a Fashion Design Certificate from Shih Chien University in Taiwan, where I gained expertise in pattern drafting, dressmaking, fashion illustration, and the study of color in fashion design. My creativity was showcased in the Fashion Colors Course, where I skillfully used scrap fabric to create stylish outfits within a limited time frame. With my passion for reimagining fashion and my vibrant artistic expertise, I, Anisa Ozalp, have become a sought-after figure in the world of clothing design.
I made The UNIF Stitch Bag using needlepoint made of yarn, needle, felt, scissor, glue, and plastic canvas. I was inspired by a needlepoint kit from the '70s called Ecology Tote Bag by Columbia Minerva. Columbia Minerva Corporation is a company that published patterns from the '60s to the '80s.
Pottery, an enduring and universally embraced art form, revolves around creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing items from heat-strengthened clay. I was honored in 2012 to gain training from Özay Korkmazgil, a ceramics artist who sees pottery as art, therapy, and stress relief. Clay connects us to the earth, providing calm and creativity for all ages.

Anisa Ozalp's skills in creating handmade items are not just for standalone art pieces. This gifted artisan extends her creativity to stop-motion animation, where her handcrafted objects are transformed into vibrant characters and elements in captivating narratives.
Her experience crafting items like crochet works, handmade dolls, beaded jewelry, and customized pottery is invaluable in creating unique stop-motion characters. These handcrafted figures stand out for their distinct design and tactile and three-dimensional qualities, contributing to more lifelike and engaging animations.
Anisa's handmade skills and understanding of movement and storytelling in stop-motion animation have resulted in visually stimulating and uniquely captivating productions. Her multidimensional approach to art – harnessing physical crafting and digital animation – sets her apart in stop-motion production.
I highly recommend those interested in creating animation and digital art to explore the world of hands-on craftsmanship. Working with actual materials provides a tangible experience and helps alleviate stress while enhancing motor skills. It's worth noting that there is a growing market for handmade items, and you can even start selling your creations on platforms such as Bonanza, Etsy, and Amazon Handmade.
Handmade Creations: Uniquely Crafted Artistry by Anisa Ozalp
Handmade creations hold a special place in the world of art and craftsmanship. Anisa Ozalp is an exceptional artist dedicated to handcrafting various items. Creating handmade pieces involves a deep connection with the materials, allowing for a sensory experience that cannot be replicated. Anisa's approach to crafting items is marked by attention, respect, and a conscious understanding of what each piece wants to become. This cognitive viewpoint and conscious design result in exquisite and beautiful objects that possess the value of individuality.
Crafting items by hand also offers numerous benefits beyond the end result. It enhances an artist's motor skills and hand-eye coordination, fostering the development of fine motor skills and precise movements. Anisa's journey into handmade artistry was inspired by her exposure to Ghibli Studios Animation and the integration of fine art with digital mediums. While appreciating digital art, Anisa's desire to touch and feel various materials led her to become an artisan artist.
Anisa has explored various handmade arts throughout the years, honing her skills and discovering the value her digital and fine art brings to her creations. Her range of expertise is vast, from crochet and Perler beads to handmade dolls and felt toys. Additionally, she has ventured into Rainbow Loom creations, outdoor art, mosaic art, custom puppets, embroidery, customized sneakers, beaded jewelry, cross-stitch bags, and pottery. Each art form holds its significance, allowing Anisa to express her artistic vision uniquely.
For those interested in creating animation and digital art, Anisa also encourages them to explore working with actual materials. Handmade crafts provide a grounding experience, relieving stress and improving motor skills. The demand for handmade items is thriving, making it an opportune time to sell your creations online. Platforms like Bonanza, Etsy, and Amazon Handmade offer excellent avenues for reaching a wider audience. Anisa also provides insight into her creative process through Speedpaint videos on her YouTube channel, offering inspiration and the possibility of commissioning artwork.
By leveraging the craftsmanship and artistry of handmade creations, Anisa Ozalp's diverse range of unique items captivates the senses while adding a touch of individuality and beauty to the world.
You can watch and learn how I made some of my art by watching the Speedpaint videos, and you can subscribe to my youtube channel. You can also let me know if you need to commission artwork.
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