Anisa Ozalp's Fine Art Pieces
People often ask what is considered fine art. What is the definition of fine art?  
 "Fine Art" refers to an art form practiced essentially for its aesthetic value and its beauty, "art for art's sake" rather than its functional value. Fine art is rooted in drawing and design-based works such as painting, printmaking, and sculpture. It is often contrasted with "applied art" and "crafts," which are traditionally seen as practical activities. Other non-design-based activities, including fine arts, include photography and architecture, although the latter is best understood as an applied art.       
Through a diverse range of artistic skills that collectively form the foundation of my artistic abilities, I have become proficient in a broad spectrum of fine art forms. My skill set spans traditional disciplines, including oil painting, calligraphy, and sculpting, as well as specialized techniques like Tezhip and Ebru. Additionally, I have delved into the delicate intricacies of Chinese watercolor and the bold expressiveness of gouache. My artistic expertise also extends to creating installation art pieces and crafting pottery. With this extensive knowledge and experience, I have embarked on a deep journey into the rich and diverse realm of fine art.
Oil Paint / FIne Art by Anisa Ozalp
Oil Paint / FIne Art by Anisa Ozalp
Chinese Watercolor / Fine Art by Anisa Ozalp
Chinese Watercolor / Fine Art by Anisa Ozalp
It was fascinating to see my "Sitting Fox" oil painting presented on the main site of Fine Art America. I am honored they picked me to showcase my artwork on their main website. 

Fine Art America showcased Anisa Ozalp's Sitting Fox Oil Paint.

I will promote my art on reputable platforms such as Artsy, Saatchi Art, Minted Art, and others, where they can be purchased as art prints and posters. The online market for art prints is thriving, with high demand for categories such as American art, fine art prints, art print, posters art, art prints online, print art, buy art online, buy art prints online, fine art paintings, and print-on-demand products.
In addition to considering myself an American artist and a fine artist, I am also dedicated to enhancing my digital art skills. I highly recommend pursuing a fine arts degree for individuals aspiring to become artists across various visual art disciplines. This educational path not only cultivates technical expertise but also imparts valuable background knowledge that lends meaning to artistic expressions, including art history and social science.
Anisa Ozalp's Saatchi Art Profile
Discover the Aesthetic Splendor of Anisa Ozalp's Fine Art Collection
Unveiling aesthetic beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, Anisa Ozalp's fine art collection epitomizes creative brilliance in visual arts. As an American artist specializing in fine art, Anisa's repertoire ranges from enchanting oil paintings to expressive Chinese watercolor pieces; all showcased vividly on her personal and professional platforms, including Fine Art America and Saatchi Art. With her creation, 'Sitting Fox,' featured prominently on Fine Art America, her artistry transcends the mundane, transforming into an eloquent manifestation of fine art.
Anisa's dedication extends to sharing her knowledge in Fine Art, Oil Painting, Calligraphy, Watercolor, and Acrylic Paint, garnered through private training. She strongly recommends pursuing a fine arts degree for an in-depth understanding of art history and social science, two essential components that add depth and meaning to an artist's work. Her digital prowess is equally commendable, with constant updates on her art website and online art galleries making her a notable presence in the world of art prints, art posters, and print-on-demand products.
I consistently update my art website with various online art-related topics and the new pieces I create. I aspire for my site to become one of the world's most visited online art galleries soon. If you need Fine Art commissioned according to your specific needs, feel free to contact me. Additionally, you can watch and learn about my artistic process through the Speedpaint videos and more available on my YouTube channel.
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