Hazel Rosewood
I've created a new character design inspired by mushrooms. She goes by the name Hazel Rosewood and has a passion for collecting mushrooms.
VISION SENSEI "IP Character Design"
Vision Sensei is a custom Naruto character created in collaboration with Kenan Ozalp and his YouTube channel: Vision Sensei.
The eyes on his clothes represent Sensei's vision and exceptional ability to see through the instances. His blue and green eyes resemble his spirituality and intelligence. The giant sword, The ōdachi 大太刀, represents his distinctive skillsets and the tools he utilizes. I dressed the character with Hakama. Hakamas are regularly worn by practitioners of a variety of martial arts, such as kendo, iaido, taidō, aikido, jōdō, ryū-te, and kyūdō. Vision is the state of seeing and the ability to think about and plan the future with imagination and wisdom. The great sword ōdachi or nodachi 野太刀, field sword, is a type of traditionally made Japanese sword 日本刀, nihontō used by the samurai class of feudal Japan.
Native to Mexico and Central America, the elliptical dragon fruit is distinctive with its bright red, purple, or yellow skin and prominent scales. Its interior, sprinkled with edible black seeds, is either white or red. Despite its exotic appearance, its slightly sweet taste is a fusion of kiwi and pear flavors.
Dragon Fruit Spirit


I created a character representing the spirit of dragon fruit. The hair and the outfit resemble the shell of the dragon fruit. The body resembles the inside of the dragon fruit. Drawing Speedpaint of Dragon Fruit Spirit, the character can be watched here 
Unleash Creativity with Anisa Ozalp's Custom Character Designs
Step into a world of imagination and let Anisa Ozalp bring your characters to life. With a unique talent for character design, Anisa creates entire concepts, styles, and artworks from scratch. Each character is meticulously crafted, delving deep into their personality to develop a visual representation of their physical features. Witness the remarkable collaboration between Anisa Ozalp and Kenan Ozalp's YouTube channel, Vision Sensei, as they introduce the captivating custom Naruto character: Vision Sensei. Every element tells a story, from the intricate details of the eyes symbolizing extraordinary vision and intelligence to the representation of his skills through the iconic ōdachi sword. Discover the Spirit of Dragon Fruit, a character inspired by the vibrant tropical fruit. Adorned with hair, an outfit reminiscent of the dragon fruit's shell, and a body reflecting the luscious interior, this character exudes the essence of the dragon fruit. Experience the creative process firsthand by watching the Speedpaint videos, providing a glimpse into the artistic journey of the Spirit of Dragon Fruit. Unleash your imagination and let Anisa Ozalp's character designs ignite your projects with creativity.
If you're in need of a character design for your project or product, feel free to contact me. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in my creative process and learn from my drawings by watching the captivating Speedpaint videos and more on my YouTube channel.
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