Logos are symbols of text and images that help us identify brands. Logos do something aside from looking appealing. The logo should help understand what the brand does and what are its values of the brand.

Alongside with Stella Jang's song "What's your color?"
I could be red, Or I could be yellow, I could be blue, Or I could be purple, I could be green, Or pink or black or white, I could be every color you like... and  my design has been drawn on the school's wall.

Logos serve many functions, such as:
☼ A logo makes the brand stand out from the competition.
☼ It gives the business a unique mark that differentiates it from the competition.
☼ The logo should position the brand for use.
☼ It should be related to the brand's message so that customers can understand it easily
☼ A logo identifies key information about the company.
☼ It should communicate your existing industry, the service you provide, your target demographic, and your brand values.
☼ The logo should create substantial visible connections with the concept. This association helps customers keep the brand in mind.
I have created painting objects and a camera lens logo to represent the workshop area as an assignment that my school selected to be painted on the Graphic and Photography entrance.​​​​​​​ 
Award Winning Logo by Anisa Ozalp
Award Winning Logo by Anisa Ozalp
CorelDRAW Logo by Anisa Ozalp
CorelDRAW Logo by Anisa Ozalp
Distinctive Logo Design by Anisa Ozalp: Convey Your Brand Message Clearly
Your brand deserves an identity as unique as it is. With Anisa Ozalp's bespoke logo designs, your business can truly stand out in the crowd. A master of crafting impactful and memorable logos, Anisa intricately incorporates the essence of your brand values into her designs. But a logo is more than a pretty emblem; it's an ambassador of your brand's ideology, serving a multitude of key functions. It's your unique mark in the competitive business landscape, making you instantly recognizable to your target demographic.
Moreover, Anisa's work isn't limited to just logos. Let her artistry inspire you on her YouTube channel, where you can witness her creative process unfolding through captivating Speedpaint videos and more. Her diverse portfolio also includes an award-winning logo and a unique CorelDRAW designs, both testament to her prowess in the field.
Take a visual journey, explore Anisa's craft on her YouTube channel. Witness the artistry unfold in real-time through my Speedpaint videos. Need something more personalized? Connect with Anisa for custom designs, be it logos or anything beyond that, tailored just for you. Don't just envision it, commission it!

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Anisa, a certified graphic designer and Adobe specialist, showcases her mastery of Adobe products and CorelDRAW through her extensive portfolio of digital artwork
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