ANISA IS FIRST PLACE WINNER OF the Technology Addiction Competition
Do you feel you can't go a minute without checking your notifications, even if it means missing out on the world around you? I am thrilled that my watercolor work on technology addiction won first place🥇​​​​​​​in the Department of Education Citywide Competition in 2022! 
The message of my project was: "Don't let your phone keep you trapped in a virtual world. Take breaks and engage with the real world around you."
ANISA's Artistic Influence at Ingram Road Primary School of Leeds
 A Diverse and Inclusive Journey
Ingram Road School Kids
Ingram Road School Kids
Ingram Road School Children
Ingram Road School Children
Ingram Road School Students
Ingram Road School Students
Ingram Road School Sign
Ingram Road School Sign
Ingram Road School
Ingram Road School
Anisa Ozalp's artworks were referenced in the "Ingram Road Skills Progression Report at KS1 Year A" under the subject area of Art and Design as Artist/Stimulus Works. The full document can be accessed here.
As a British citizen, I am honored to be listed as a role model artist in a diverse and inclusive selection of artists from Ingram Road Primary School of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK 🇬🇧. It makes me happy to see that my art will influence future generations!
Here is a selection of artists that the school studies throughout their school journey: Anisa Ozalp, Megan Coyle, Henry Moore, Vivienne Westwood, Henri Rousseau, Paul Noble, Morag Myerscough, and Grayson Perry.
Thank you for listing me amongst such seasoned artists!
Anisa Ozalp
Anisa Ozalp
Megan Coyle
Megan Coyle
Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood
Morag Myerscough
Morag Myerscough
Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry
Paul Noble
Paul Noble
Henry Moore
Henry Moore
Henri Rousseau
Henri Rousseau
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ANISA's LIFE AS A HUMAN article ON Character Design​​​​​​​
Lifeasahuman Character Design Article
Lifeasahuman Character Design Article
Lifeasahuman Character Design Article
Lifeasahuman Character Design Article
Writing an article regarding IP Character Design for Life As A Human Magazine was an honor. Thank you for the opportunity, the CEO of Life As A Human, Gil Namur, for letting to be a guest artist. Life As A Human is a cultural center for social reality. Knowledge Site has tons of shareable articles and my Guest Artist Corner.
Fine Art America promoted my Sitting Fox 🦊 Oil Paint art on their main site. Fine Art America is a marketplace and print-on-demand platform allowing artists, photographers, and designers to showcase and sell their artwork as prints, canvases, greeting cards, and other products. With a large community of artists and buyers, Fine Art America has become a popular destination for enthusiasts to discover and purchase a wide range of artwork.

Fine Art America
Anisa Ozalp: Influential Artist Making Waves in Technology Addiction, Education, and the Art World
In this collection of announcements, we delve into the impactful work of Anisa Ozalp, an artist who is making a name for herself in various domains. Anisa's thought-provoking watercolor piece on technology addiction earned her the first-place position in the Department of Education Citywide Competition in 2022. The message behind her project resonates strongly: "Don't let your phone keep you trapped in a virtual world. Take breaks and engage with the real world around you." This achievement highlights Anisa's ability to capture attention and inspire change.
Beyond the competition, Anisa's artistic influence extends to Ingram Road Primary School of Leeds, where she is honored to be listed as a role model artist alongside esteemed figures such as Megan Coyle, Henry Moore, Vivienne Westwood, and Grayson Perry. This recognition demonstrates Anisa's art's impact on future generations, fostering diversity and inclusivity in the creative sphere.
Anisa's artistic prowess also caught the attention of Life As A Human Magazine, where she had the privilege of writing an article on IP Character Design. As a guest artist for this esteemed cultural center, Anisa's work can now be shared with a wider audience thanks to the magazine's extensive reach and shareable articles.
Additionally, Anisa's Sitting Fox Oil Paint art received a prominent feature on Fine Art America, a renowned marketplace and print-on-demand platform for artists, photographers, and designers. This exposure not only allows Anisa to showcase her talent but also provides art enthusiasts with an opportunity to discover and purchase her unique creations.
To provide further insight into her artistic process, Anisa invites viewers to explore her YouTube channel, where she shares Speedpaint videos and offers the option to commission personalized artwork. This interactive approach allows fans and potential clients to witness the creation of her stunning pieces firsthand.
With each achievement, Anisa Ozalp solidifies her position as an influential artist in technology addiction, education, and the art world. Through her compelling artwork and dedication to spreading awareness, Anisa encourages us to rethink our relationship with technology and embrace the beauty of the real world.
You can learn how I made some of my art by watching the Speedpaint videos and more on my Youtube channel. You can also let me know if you need to commission an artwork.
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