A Swimmer Drawn by Anisa Ozalp
A Swimmer Drawn by Anisa Ozalp
Secaucus, NJ
Secaucus, NJ
Secaucus, NJ
Secaucus, NJ
Secaucus, NJ
Secaucus, NJ
I completed all levels of British Swim School in my achievements, and I was awarded a trophy for my successful swimming in the Jersey Flyers Aquatic Club Team in Secaucus Recreation Center, where students develop their swimmers to join the Olympics. I learn a lot in Jersey. I admire Marine Life. Also, I enjoy Scuba Diving

JFAC Jersey Flyers Aquatic Club
JFAC Jersey Flyers Aquatic Club
Secaucus Shines: Spotlight on Anisa Ozalp's Swimming and Artistic Achievements
In the heart of Secaucus, New Jersey, a name synonymous with talent and diligence emerges – Anisa Ozalp. Making waves in the swimming scene, Anisa's journey is one of determined growth and achievement. Completing all levels at the prestigious British Swim School, she soared high by earning a trophy for her exceptional swimming prowess in the Jersey Flyers Aquatic Club. Not just confined to the pool, this Secaucus-based talent found inspiration beneath the waves, developing a passion for marine life and scuba diving. Yet, Anisa's skills are not confined to the aquatic realm. Exploring her artistic side reveals a treasure trove of creativity, with the Secaucus Recreation Center serving as her training ground and a platform to inspire future Olympians. Secaucus, New Jersey, a burgeoning hub of activity, home to the Secaucus Junction and numerous attractions like movie theaters and outlets, is proud to celebrate Anisa Ozalp's story of success and aspiration. Stay updated with all the latest Secaucus news, from breaking stories to weather updates, as we follow Anisa's inspiring journey.
Explore Anisa Ozalp's artistic process on her Youtube channel and take advantage of the opportunity to commission her unique artwork, adding a touch of Secaucus, New Jersey's talent to your personal or professional space.
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