CoCo Fanart
I voluntarily created drawings in this collection since 2021 for "CoCo" and "Halal Guys," an American food franchising company in New York City. Both companies noticed my artwork on social media and shared it on their Instagram stories. The drawings gained many likes and comments from their followers. I also did some fan art for the show on Netflix called @wafflesandmochiofficial, hosted by @Michelle Obama, joined with puppets to discover, cook and eat food from around the world. The waffles and Mochi team showed interest in my drawing and asked me to post it on social media. 
Monica The Puppet: Master Adam Kreutinger celebrates the Puppets compilation. The singer of the Sewing Machine company acknowledged my tweet with a Like of my handmade doll I made using their machine.
Waffle and Mochi Netflix Show
Waffle and Mochi Netflix Show
Micheal Obama
Micheal Obama
Coco Story
Coco Story
Halal Guys Story
Halal Guys Story
Adam Kreutinger Puppet Master
Adam Kreutinger Puppet Master
Anisa Ozalp's Artwork: Promotional Projects
Anisa Ozalp's designs have gained significant recognition in various promotional projects. With a focus on creating captivating artwork, Anisa has successfully captured the attention of renowned brands. Notably, her voluntary drawings for "CoCo" and "Halal Guys," an American food franchising company in New York City, have garnered attention on social media. Both companies were so impressed with her work that they shared her art on their Instagram stories, resulting in numerous likes and comments from their followers. Anisa's talent also extended to fan art for the popular Netflix show, "Waffles and Mochi," hosted by Michelle Obama. The Waffles and Mochi team expressed interest in Anisa's drawing and requested to showcase it on their social media platforms. Her artistic abilities have even caught the eye of notable personalities like Master Adam Kreutinger, the puppet master behind Monica The Puppet, and the singer from the renowned Sewing Machine Company. Anisa's artwork has been acknowledged and appreciated by these industry professionals. If you're interested in commissioning unique art or utilizing any of Anisa's current designs, please reach out and explore the diverse collection showcased in her Online Promotional Gallery. Additionally, Anisa provides an opportunity to gain insights into her artistic process through Speedpaint videos available on her Youtube channel.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to commission art or use any current design presented in this Online Promotional Gallery. You can also learn how I made some of my art by watching the Speedpaint videos and more on my Youtube channel.

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