Netflix Grow Creative Partnership's VFX Training with Anima OKUL
Netflix's partnership with upcoming artists supports talent pipelines, allowing new voices to be heard.
The program was designed to foster the growth of budding visual effects artists, tailoring an intensive training regimen that aligns seamlessly with the demands of the industry. Its ultimate goal is not just education but the nurturing of a fresh talent pool to meet the escalating workforce requirements within the industry.
The VFX (Visual Effects) Training Program is a comprehensive course that cultivates emerging visual effects artists. Supported by Netflix Grow Creative and implemented by Anima Okul, the program's primary aim is to meet the industry's demand for a skilled workforce by educating and fostering the growth of newcomers.
The training will be delivered by expert instructors from the industry. Applications for this program will be accepted online between May 8th and June 1st. A preliminary selection will be made among applicants with experience and knowledge in this field or related sectors. Netflix and Anima Okul will provide a seven-month free training to 10 individuals selected from this process.
Throughout the VFX training provided by Anima Okul, students will learn:
Modeling: Creating 2D or 3D environments and characters on a computer for use in films, series, or visual arts. (36 hours, 12 lessons)
Texture: Visualize the 3D model with the correct texture. (15 hours, 5 lessons)
Render-Lighting: Lighting a scene according to the correct atmosphere where 3D models (character, object, space) are located. (21 hours, 7 lessons)
Animation Mocap (Motion Capture): Transferring the movements of people or objects into digital environments for use in applications. (21 hours, 7 lessons)
Previz: Planning shoots, preparing camera scales, and pre-visualizing for the final scene. (15 hours, 5 lessons)
VFX-Compositing: Creating effects that mimic real environments with 3D simulations and combining two or more images. (72 hours, 24 lessons)
The program will be conducted on Anima Okul's online system via Zoom and all classes will be recorded. The online training system will share this recorded training with the participants. Participants can easily access the training videos even after the training has ended.
Participation and completing assignments during the training are mandatory to complete the program successfully. Participants who complete the seven-month VFX Training given by visual effect artists will be able to enhance their skills in the VFX field and potentially work on Netflix projects.

✪ Autobiography (.pdf,.docx),
✪ Upper-intermediate English proficiency,
✪ ArtStation, Behance links, and/or video links can be provided,
✪ Ownership of a computer and a drawing tablet,
✪ Ability to dedicate time to training,
✪ Analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to work in a team are preferred.
Duration: 180 Hours.
Software: Zbrush, Maya, Substance, Houdini.
Requirements: Computer, Drawing Tablet, Software used in training.
Quota: 10 students.
The incredible artistic journey of Anisa can be witnessed firsthand by visiting her YouTube channel. Her website is recommended to be visited to stay updated with her traditional designs and the exploration of art in modern contexts. For further inquiries and potential collaborations, Anisa can be reached directly

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Anisa Ozalp is a talented artist known for creating a vast range of handmade items, including crochet works, Perler beads, dolls, felt toys, Rainbow Loom designs, outdoor and mosaic art, custom puppets, embroidery, customized sneakers, beaded jewelry, cross-stitch bags, and pottery. Her unique creations exhibit the beauty of handcraftsmanship and artistic individuality.
Rainbow Loom is the technique of how to use weaved multicolored rubber and plastic bands called loom bands into decorative pieces. Some Loom creations by Anisa Ozalp.
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Anisa Ozalp's passion for outdoor art painting, especially en plein air, through her captivating sunflower creations. Immerse yourself in the world of graffiti, contemporary art, and urban art, as her work encapsulates these dynamic forms of artistic expression.
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