Anisa Ozalp is an American Artist who was born and raised in New York, USA. She taught herself how to draw and paint at the age of three; her first drawing was "Elmo" from Sesame Street. Anisa was inspired by Walt Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, DreamWorks, and Laika movies and books she read when she was a little girl. She enjoyed animation and stop-motion films and was intrigued by how they were made behind the scenes. In addition, she loved reading imagination-provoking books which gave her the ability to create art today. Those who love art in its entirety would be great admirers of her work. 
She mastered creating handmade dolls from imagination using her Singer sewing machine at a very young age. She is also assisting on art-related e-commerce projects which involve handmade products. Her artwork is a mix of handcrafted and digital. Additionally, she holds a Fashion Design CertificateAdobe Certificate in Illustration, Photoshop, InDesign which she obtained in early 2021, and PCAE Art Experience at Academy of Art University which is an art and design education program. She also received art training from her art teacher Song Binghui on still life drawing, oil painting, calligraphy, and watercolor.

Anisa Ozalp

She's experienced with Procreate software, where she creates her digital art. She actively references material from books like "The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams", "The Illusion of Life Disney Animation by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston." and various online resources. Anisa has a social media following of individuals varying from many age groups starting from children to seniors. No matter what age, everyone finds a piece of themselves within her work. 
Anisa completed several challenges, such as "Inktober," "Continuous Line Challenge," "100 Days of Sketching" (2020 and 2021), "100 Heads Challenge"," Ten Hundred Shape Challenge," with great success and praise from her followers. She is determined, focused, and continuously evolving in her work. Anisa always pushes the boundaries and experiments with various art verticals. She incorporates her artwork inter-culturally, representing different parts of the globe.
In personal achievements, she was awarded a trophy for swimming in the Jersey Flyers Aquatic Club Team, which develops their swimmers to join the Olympics during the middle school years. She finished all levels of British Swim School ahead of schedule. Besides, she has fulfilled intermediate-level piano lessons while in middle school. All of these accomplishments showcase her determination and her desire to perform to the best of her ability.
In her free time, she likes to research Entertainment companies and their past/current projects. She obtains vast knowledge in the creative industries and follows all relevant news in the field. She attends art exhibits and expos such as One Art and Dangdai Taipei. She also visited numerous art museums in New York. Anisa possesses a free soul with so much passion for virtue and harmony and wants to do meaningful and beneficial work in the Entertainment and Design industry and beyond.
OBJECTIVE: To work for a well-established, creative team as an Artist/Animator to further enhance her skills and be helpful.
- Versatile, multi-disciplinary artist. She worked on art-related e-commerce projects which involve handmade products. Artwork is a mix of handcrafted, fine art, and digital. 
- Proficient Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Procreate Software
- Ability to design industrial models, create characters in 3D using ZBrush, and hand-create with clay or 3D Print them.
- Ability to explain and create various art processes, develop documents for creation processes
Handcraft Dolls, Sculptures, Puppets, Fashion Items, Embroidery, Crochet, and Felt Toys
- Creating unique artistic style Fine Arts with Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Western and Chinese Watercolor, and Calligraphy
- Ability to create Illustrations, Children's Books, Sketching, and Still Life Drawing
AWARDS: Appreciations and mentions from Singer Sewing Machine Company for Doll Making, Song Binghui, a well-known Taiwanese Fine Artist for her Fine Art creations, Coco Bubble Tea HQ team for fan art drawing, Halal Guys American food franchising company for fan art drawing, Team of Netflix's Micheal Obama co-hosted Waffle and Mochi for fan art drawing, and Adam Kreutinger the Puppet Master for the making of Monica The Puppet of Puppetwood Comedy.
Secaucus Middle School, NJ, USA  Award and media recognition for kindness and anti-bullying 
Jersey Flyers Swim Team, NJ, USA  Awarded trophy as a professional swimmer for completing team competitions 
British Swimming School, the Awarded certificate for completing all levels of training 
CITIZENSHIPS & RESIDENCIES: She currently holds USA, UK, and Turkish Citizenship. 
LANGUAGES: She is fluent in English, Chinese, Turkish. She also has exposure to a fusion of backgrounds.
You can also watch and learn how she made some of the drawings on her Youtube channel.
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